April 17 - April 19

Change Your Movement, Change Your Life!
Linda Ugelow & Eve Kodiak

Open a door into a more peaceful, balanced way of being, through the universal language of primitive reflexes, journaling, and dance.

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What are the unconscious messages that your movements deliver to your brain? How do these signals translate into behaviors, thoughts, and emotions? Imagine knowing how to change your movements to release your stress and meet life’s ever-changing situations!

Linda and Eve create a safe, womb-like space for rediscovering the reflexive patterns that can limit your ease and creativity. In this nurturing play space, explore developmental movement, the kinesthetic of touch, and the babble of early speech. Discover how to melt fear with lyricism, re direct “flight or fight” with African Dance, and discover an expanded sense of power in your legs. Through guided dance, a beautiful soundtrack of world music, journaling, and laughter, release the “stuck” movements you have carried for decades and find a new freedom. Moving with others, you’ll find a communal sense of letting go of stress and sharing joy, becoming a village—and coming home. No movement experience necessary; your body already contains all the knowledge you need!

Linda Ugelow, M.A., is principal dancer of the world music ensemble Libana, with whom she has performed around the globe. A former faculty member of the Longy School of Music, Linda holds a graduate degree in Movement Studies from Lesley University, focused on Authentic Movement and Body/Mind Centering. A certified JourneyDance instructor, she teaches workshops at conferences, festivals, and studios.

Eve Kodiak, M.M., has written Rappin’ on the Reflexes. A musician/kinesiologist with degrees from Harvard University and the New England Conservatory of Music, she practices at the Lydian Center and has presented throughout the United States and Europe. She is a pianist; her albums include a collaboration with Grammy-winning cellist David Darling: The Return of Desire: Improvisations.

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