A certificate will be awarded upon successful completion of the program. The Rowe Center and all persons affiliated with the program are not offering professional or legal endorsement of the students or graduates of this program nor assuming any liability for their practice, now or in the future. This certification affirms that the recipient has completed the course.

Completion means:

  • attendance at all residencies and electives;
  • completion of written assignments;
  • completion of a supervised practicum project;
  • participation in video group supervision sessions;
  • demonstration of proficiency in the core competencies of Spiritual Guidance;
  • successful ¬†evaluation ¬†based on observations and interactions with teachers, peers, and the formation team.

Special situations, such as unforeseen absences from the program, can be addressed with the director. Staff concerns regarding the appropriateness of a candidate for the program or the ability to fulfill the very responsible role of Spiritual Guidance Practitioner will be discussed with the candidate prior to the third intensive.