Fee Schedule

Fees for class of 2016/2018  and 2017/2019 The Rowe Center is committed to making programs available to all participants. We offer a sliding fee scale as one means to make that more possible. Fees are based on total gross family annual income.  

Income            <$25,000   $25-50,000   $50-75,000    $75-$100,000   >$100,000

Tuition                  $5,000      $5,500              $6,000              $6,500               $7,000

This covers: tuition for 4 intensives, 4 electives, mentoring, videoconferences and group supervision. Not included: transportation and meals and housing (options below).  Participants will buy their own book and each candidate will compensate his or her own spiritual guidance practitioner. Non-refundable application fee: $100 Deposit of $1,000.00 is payable within 30 days of acceptance into the program with the balance payable in 8 equal installments.

Room & Board for Each Intensive: The cost of housing for intensives is twice our regular weekend rate. Balance payable on arrival.  

Room & Board for Each Elective is based on the most current housing prices. All housing costs are subject to change. Balance payable on arrival.  

Cancellations – There will be a cancellation fee for anyone cancelling before the start of the program.           

Notice of:                               Cancellation Fee

12 weeks or longer             $100

8 to 12 weeks                        $250

6 to 8 weeks                          $500

4 to 6 weeks                          $750

Less than 4 weeks or no notice: Loss of deposit  

No reduction of fees will be made for classes missed. In the event that an intensive is missed, that intensive may be made up at a future date during the following group or a waiver may be requested specifying how the material in that class will be covered. Waivers will be granted at the Director’s discretion. Certificates will not be issued until all of the requirements are met.  

Scholarships There is some limited scholarship money available.  It is intended to offer assistance to those who would otherwise be unable to attend. We encourage you to seek funds from other sources as well.  We also offer participants the opportunity to barter work in exchange for a portion of their housing fees.