Register for Electives

Welcome to the electives page. You are required to take two appropriate electives at The Rowe Center each year, chosen from the seasonal program catalog.  When you register, please be sure to inform the Registrar that you are signing up for the program as a Spiritual Guidance elective. For more information and to register, simply click on the pink program titles below:

The options for Spring – Fall 2016 are: 

 May 13 – May 15 Becoming a Curious Naturalist: Exploring the Wonders Around You

Clare Walker Leslie
May 13 – May 15 Singing for the Dying

Kathy Leo, with Mary Cay Brass & Peter Amidon
May 20 – May 22 Plant Spirit Healing

Pam Montgomery
May 20 – May 22 Thomas Merton and the Path of Spiritual Activism

Matthew Fox
May 27 – May 30 Couples on the Path to Wholeness

Joyce & Barry Vissell


June 3 – June 5 The Enneagram of Holy Ideas

Russ Hudson
June 5 – June 19 Earth Activist Training Camp

Starhawk & Charles Williams
June 9 – June 12 Old Time: Learning Elderhood

Stephen Jenkinson


August 21 – August 26 Kindred Spirits: A Community Supporting Healing and Self-Discovery

Tom Allan, Desiree Lawrence, Julie Selwyn
August 27 – September 1 Woman Soul: A Community of Sacred Trust

Eclipse Neilson
August 27 – September 1 WomenCircles: A Guided Retreat for Women 
Supervised Spiritual Guidance Participants


September 2 – September 5 Labor Day Retreat for Gay, Bisexual, and Questioning Men

Craig Kukuk, Benjamin Seaman, Andrew Plummer
September 9 – September 16 World as Lover, World as Self: The Theory and Practice of the Work that Reconnects

Joanna Macy (counts as two electives)
Deborah Reed & Shirsten Lunblad
September 23 – September 25 Entering the Sanctuary of Openness

Rebecca Parker
September 23 – September 25 Edible Rowe: Earth-Friendly Foraging

Terry-Anya Hayes
September 30 – October 2 Drawing Out Your Soul: Touch Drawing

Deborah Koff-Chapin


October 07 – October 09 Composing A Lifetime of Wonder and Wisdom

Mary Catherine Bateson & Mel Kimura Bucholtz
October 14 – October 16 The Gifts of Intimacy: Walking the Paths of the Lover

Gina Ogden
October 14 – October 16 Jump-Start Your Memoir: The Next Step

Nancy Slonim Aronie
October 21 – October 23 The Morning After the Dark Night of the Soul

Jean Houston