Serving the Need

 The kinds of things for which people are seeking spiritual guidance include:

  • setting aside intentional time to reflect on their inner lives;
  • developing or deepening a spiritual practice;
  • identifying how the transcendent mystery — whether it is understood as God or in other ways — is speaking, leading, and manifesting in their lives;
  • grappling with questions of meaning and purpose;
  • sorting through the religious teachings of childhood and defining a personal theology or philosophy that supports who they are today, and who they are becoming;
  • healing spiritual wounds from past religious experiences or communities;
  • developing more conscious and satisfying personal relationships;
  • aligning their outer lives with their core beliefs and values;
  • discerning future directions;
  • seeking the inspiration and guidance that is continually emerging from dreams

            and synchronicities;

  • transforming experiences of conflict in their personal lives and faith communities;
  • understanding mystical or paranormal experiences;
  • viewing their life story through a spiritual lens;
  • coming to terms with an illness or loss;
  • coming to a place of resolution or forgiveness regarding a past injury;
  • doing end-of-life work;
  • becoming wisdom resources and agents of transformation in their homes,

            work, and in the world.