Residential Intensives: Deepening the Learning

There are two five-day residential intensives each year, one in the fall and one in the spring.  


Cohort Two (Crow Clan) and Cohort Three (2017-2019) Fall Intensive: October 29 -November 3

 An important dimension of the program is the community that is created by participants and staff, one that supports learning and fosters networks that are sustained long after graduation.

  • Teaching is done through lectures, sharing in small groups, case studies, panel discussions, large-group process work, and more.
  • Participants engage in experiential exercises and practice sessions in which they develop and enhance their professional capacities.
  • There are sessions devoted to exploring and experiencing the sacred through guided imagery, dream work, ceremony and ritual, poetry, art, music, embodiment practices, and personal contemplation.
  • Each intensive includes discovering Rowe’s natural world of mountain forests, brooks, meadows, and lakes.
  • Early-morning meditation trainings and embodiment practices are offered.
  • Mealtimes are an occasion not only to enjoy delicious, healthy food, but to learn from others in conversation.

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Crow Clan 2016-2018 Cohort

2017-2019 Cohort