Structure of the Program


  • This as a two-year academic program, with a break for July and August. During the two years there are a total of four five-day intensives with other participants onsite at The Rowe Center.  After the fourth intensive there will be six follow-up teleconferences for group supervision.  Participants will also have six months to work with their mentors to complete any outstanding program requirements after the final intensive.  

  • Participants customize the program to meet their individual interests and callings, choosing electives in areas of personal growth, spirituality, the natural world, all the creative arts, and social action, selected from The Rowe Center’s biannual catalog.

  • A personal mentor is assigned to each participant for the duration of the program to answer questions, address concerns, provide support, and respond to papers and projects.  
  • Participants complete a series of reflection papers or creative projects in response to readings in dimensions of spiritual guidance, as well as a Key Learning Paper for each elective attended. These are submitted to their mentors, who respond in ways that deepen the participants’ learning.
  • Each participant selects and meets monthly with a personal Spiritual Guide (or continues with his or her established one) for the duration of the program.
  • Each person engages in a consistent, personally meaningful spiritual practice to directly experience God, the Absolute, the Goddess, or whatever name is preferred for the sacred.
  • Monthly video conferences are offered to expose participants to guest teachers, provide supervision, strengthen learning in specific areas of the curriculum, and sustain a sense of connection and community.
  • A comprehensive booklist is provided that graduates can refer to in years ahead, as they continue to deepen their personal spirituality and expand their practice “tool kit.”
  • During the second year, each participant has the opportunity to put learning into practice, designing and implementing a supervised Spiritual Guidance project in a chosen focus area. The project might include providing one-to-one spiritual guidance, leading a group, teaching, congregational/spiritual community development, workshop and retreat work, or socially-engaged spiritual activism.