Meals and Housing


We offer fresh, healthy, delicious food –mostly vegetarian.Our chefs consistently amaze everyone with their delicious culinary artistry, as well as their willingness to cater to special diets, from vegan and gluten-free to high protein, which includes chicken. Our food—fresh baked breads, homemade soups, gourmet entrees, and yummy desserts—is prepared lovingly by our chefs. Their hands nurture our bodies, as their hearts nurture our souls. At Rowe we have a growing commitment to developing our own organic, sustainable gardens and to working with local farms. For example, through one of our wholesale suppliers, Foster’s Market in Greenfield, MA, we buy fresh produce from our neighbors’ farms at Pinehill Orchard in Colrain, Apex Orchard in Greenfield, Clarkdale Farm and Ciesluck Farm and Wargers Farm in Deerfield, Nourse Farm in Whately, Smiarowski Farm in Sunderland, Spatcher Farm in Leyden, and Diemand Farm in Wendell. It’s part of our evolving dedication to green living, supporting our area community, and protecting the Earth.

During conference weekends, much of our time is spent around the table, where animated, engaging conversation gives perspective to the workshop sessions, just as the weekend gives perspective to our workaday lives.


Sign up early for the most choices of where to stay. The decor is simple and fresh and the atmosphere relaxed. We provide a variety of housing to meet your needs. If you are comfortable with sharing space, you can choose between an unheated cabin, winterized cabin, or dorm room. If you prefer more privacy, we have a variety of single or double occupancy rooms to choose from. During the warmer months, you can bring your own tent for seasonal camping.

To see sample photos of some of our buildings and rooms, click here.


We have a number of single, double, and triple occupancy private rooms available. Several rooms are wheelchair accessible, so do let us know if you have any special needs in regard to housing. If you choose a double occupancy room, please specify if you prefer two twin beds or one shared bed. Bedding, including towels, is provided in private rooms. If you have specific needs, please let us know so that we can take them into account when assigning rooms. You may request a particular room and we will try to honor that request — but we cannot promise you. There are several options for private housing, with different levels of amenities to fit your individual needs:

Comfort Housing: If you would like to give yourself a treat for the weekend, our finest housing is located in Joffe House by the Brook and in the new Guest House.

Our new Guest House is a 1700’s colonial with beautiful, wide pine floors, four fireplaces, a sweeping stairway with murals. The original iron hardware, the murals, and stenciling show a charming attention to detail, transporting you back to a time of simple elegance. It’s like living in another era yet enjoying the amenities of a newer home, with a lovely kitchen and modern bathrooms. And the location is perfect: right across from the waterfall and the entry to King’s Highway.

The guest house has five large bedrooms (three with queen-size beds and two with two twin beds each), and a three-season porch, Two of the bedrooms have their own bathrooms and the other three share a bathroom. 

The studio at Joffe House by the Brook has a private bathroom, queen-size bed, and kitchenette. Go to sleep to the sounds of the nearby waterfall and brook.

Traditional Housing: if you are looking for comfortable, private space, our traditional conference housing is located in the Orchard Guest House,Joffe House by the Brook, and the Farmhouse.They offer attractive guest rooms, decorated with taste and simplicity. All have shared bathrooms. If you have any mobility challenges, please let us know, as the Brook House and Farmhouse rooms are on the second floors.

Rustic Housing: These rooms are private and comfortable and very appealing but do present some challenges for those who generally prefer more luxury or, in terms of bathrooms, more privacy. Some rooms are in the Rec Hall, where you need to cross the unheated dining hall to reach the bathrooms. Some are on the second-floor Woodside Wing of the Farmhouse, which has direct access to a half-bathroom but requires using an outdoor stairway to reach the first-floor showers. There is also one very sweet private cabin available. It has a woodburning stove and is immediately across from our all-weather bath house (please note that it is not available from November 1 through April 1).

Economy Singles: If you enjoy privacy but need to watch your budget and are not concerned about amenities, this may be a good solution for you. Our economy singles are sweet little rooms (think “monk’s room”) with one twin bed and a place to put your clothes. Located on the second-floor Woodside Wing of the Farmhouse, they — like those described in the “Rustic Housing,” above — have access to a half-bathroom but require using outdoor stairs to reach the first-floor showers. Because they are smaller rooms, however, they also are more affordable.


   Some people enjoy the experience of communal living. You can choose between a dorm room, winterized bunkhouse, or summer bunkhouse. If you prefer a women-only or men-only space, please let us know when you register. Please bring your own toiletries, towels, and bedding (sleeping bag or sheets and blankets). If you are staying in an unheated cabin you will need to bring a pillow as well. With advance notice, we will provide bedding for $10. There are times when the cabin area is closed due to weather conditions or low enrollment; during those times we will upgrade you to the next available housing level at no additional cost.

Dorm Housing is in the Farmhouse and the Rec Hall. There are two dorms in the Farmhouse and one in the Rec Hall. The dorm rooms are large bedrooms with bunk beds and hold six-to-eight people. They are quite comfortable for those who enjoy group living. The dorms share several bathrooms with showers, located in the same building.

Winterized Bunkhouses are cozy one-room cabins with bunk beds that house 10 people. They are not equipped with bathrooms, though they are located near our all-season bath house, which has toilets and sinks in addition to showers. The winterized bunkhouses are finished inside and insulated. From October 1-May 1 they are heated by wood-burning stoves.

Unheated Bunkhouses (not available in summer or from October 1 – May 1) provide additional bunk bed-style housing in the early fall and late spring. The unheated bunkhouses are used as camp cabins in the summer. They accommodate 10 people and consist of one large room with screened windows covered by shutters. They have unfinished interiors, which have been decorated with decades of graffiti left by young campers, and they work well for people who like such an atmosphere. They are not equipped with bathrooms, although they are very close to our all-season bath house, which has toilets and sinks in addition to showers. Sorry, we cannot use electric blankets or heaters in the unheated bunkhouses. If you need heat, please opt for the winterized bunkhouses or dorms.

If you enjoy sleeping on the earth, under the stars, you can bring your own tent and camp in our beautiful orchard or in the pine forest.


For those preferring to stay in nearby inns, B&B’s, or motels, please request a list when you register. Or,click here for a list of area accommodations. If you are living close by or staying off-site, the commuter fee covers the facility fee for your stay and includes meals.

 Bring warm casual clothes, personal toiletries, a bathrobe, towels, sturdy shoes, a water bottle or travel mug, an umbrella, a flashlight, and a sleeping bag or sheets and blankets. We provide pillows, unless you are staying in a cabin. Private rooms have bedding and towels provided. We invite you to take your shoes off before going into the conference room, so you might want to bring slippers or heavy socks. If you have something you are fond of sitting on or a lap blanket to cuddle up in, bring it along. Thanks for leaving your pets, perfumes, and scented oils at home. Some guests have allergies.